Elizabeth Sampat

Game Design Dept. Lead, SYBO Games

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Elizabeth Sampat is game design department lead at SYBO Games, as well as an award-winning indie game designer and activist. At work, she designs blockbuster titles that are played by millions of fans every day; when she comes home, she crafts games that push the boundaries of the relationship between game and player. Her book “Empathy Engines: Design Games That Are Personal, Political and Profound” was released in 2017.

Learn more about SYBO Games at sybogames.com.

Curated by
Copenhagen Game Collective

About Elizabeth's Sessions

It Can Be Two Things: My Career as a Game Designer


  I’ve spent my career designing two types of games: free-to-play games that reach a lot of people and make a lot of money, and small, weird art projects that a handful of people play and might buy me a beer. A lot of people think that one type of design is better than the […]