Kam Star

Founder, PlayGen

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Dr. Kam Star is a digital media entrepreneur, inventor, researcher, investor and award-winning games developer. Making computer games since 1986, he studied architecture and earned his PhD in gamification and performance. Founder of PlayGen, Kam designs and develops playful solutions for changing behaviours and perceptions. He has produced gaming and gamification projects for the European Commission, BBC, AVIVA, Eden Project, UNESCO, McKinsey, Oxford and Cambridge Universities, EPSRC, NESTA, MoD, NHS, TSB, the Wellcome Trust and many more.

Learn more about PlayGen at playgen.com.

About Kam's Sessions

Designing and Delivering Games That Make People Nicer!

Room Torshavn

  The evidence is mounting up – games can make people be nicer to each other! But how? In this no nonsense, hands-on workshop, you’ll get to design games that can make people nicer! You’ll receive a free pack of game design cards and play through a new canvas created for designing games to improve […]