Games Capital Summit at Nordic Game

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Nordic Game 2018 has now concluded. Many thanks to our speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, partners and participants, and see you again next year.

The Games Capital Summit at Nordic Game 2018 was a rare opportunity for venture-ready companies to connect directly with VCs actively investing and seeking opportunities in the games sector. The Games Capital Summit took a hands-on approach, with a focus on mentoring.

Games Capital Summit at NG18

Hosted by games funding guru Jason Della Rocca, the Games Capital Summit at NG18 enabled entrepreneurs to both connect with potential investors and to learn what it takes to be investable.

Confirmed investors
The following investors participated in the summit, receiving pitches and serving as mentors:

• Are Mack Growen, London Venture Partners (UK)
• Guzman Diaz, Index Ventures (UK)
• Martin Walfisz, Nordisk Film Games (Denmark/Sweden)
• Shum Singh, Agnitio Capital (UK)
• Tony Zander, Vectr (Hong Kong)
• Per-Arne Lundberg, Goodbye Kansas Game Invest (Sweden)
• Michael Cheung, Makers Fund (UK)
• Henrik Grim, Northzone (Sweden)
• KM Troedsson, Loot Spawn (Sweden)
• Timo Ylikangas, Nordic Game Ventures (Finland)

Format and logistics
The Games Capital Summit took place on Tuesday, 22 May as a day-zero activity of Nordic Game 2018 (23-25 May). The action started during lunch, then the whole afternoon ran pitches, feedback and mentoring sessions, closing with a VIP cocktail, joining up with the Nordic Game Exec event participants.

Each company selected to participate pitched in front of the panel of investors, receiving questions and feedback. Once all companies pitched, they were paired up with different investors for round-robin style 30-minute meeting/mentoring sessions.

• 12:00-13:30 – Group lunch and opening keynote
• 13:00-18:00 – Pitching, feedback and mentoring sessions
• 18:30-20:00 – Exec VIP cocktail and buffet mingle

Note: All Games Capital Summit activities were on an invite-only basis – details below.

Eligibility and submissions
Entrepreneurs seeking funding for their company based on an opportunity in the game sector (i.e. game, tech, service, platform, etc.) were welcome to apply to the Games Capital Summit at NG18 via an online application form (submissions are now closed).

Note: This summit was focused on VENTURE funding, which implies that the investors were interested in funding companies directly in exchange for equity. This summit was NOT the right venue for those mainly seeking project funding or in need of a game publisher. Alternatives at NG18 were MeetToMatch and the Publisher Market.

There was no cost to apply. Submissions were filtered and prioritised based on the awesomeness of the opportunity and suitability for venture funding. Only those companies selected were invited to pitch and participate in the Games Capital Summit.

Selected companies were also given two complementary passes to the Nordic Game 2018 conference. Extras like MeetToMatch access, Discovery Showcase tables, Gala Dinner tickets, etc. were purchased separately.

Selected studios
The following venture-ready studios were hand-selected from dozens of applications from around the globe. They each had the opportunity to pitch to the whole panel of investors and then sit down for direct mentoring by each investor throughout the day.

Games Capital Summit at NG18

Aftermath Interactive: (Sweden)
Chartbuster Games: (US)
Dazzle Rocks: (Finland)
Donkraft Digital: (Denmark)
Itatake: (Sweden)
Polka Dot Studio: (Finland)
Quantum Shake: (Finland)
Quicksave: (Finland)
Rebellious Software: (Bulgaria)
Struckd: (Switzerland)
Superplus Games: (Finland)
Thoughtfish: (Germany)

For any questions, clarifications or information about future summits, you are welcome to contact Jason Della Rocca here.

About the Nordic Game conference
Nordic Game is the leading games conference in Europe, and the 2018 edition was its fifteenth year. Gathering over 2,000 games industry professionals in Malmö annually, Nordic Game is the one and only “home turf” meeting place for the highly successful game developers of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

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