Nordic Game quotes

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Since 2004, thousands of games industry peers from around the globe have experienced Nordic Game and shared their impressions with us. Here are just a few of the many tributes we’ve gathered over the years – thank you!

NG16 audience


“I want to thank everyone for making me so welcome at this year’s Nordic Game event. It was an invaluable experience for me. Everything about the event made me realise once again, that there are many people out there who genuinely love games, and just how many fantastic game creators there are in the Nordic countries.”
– Hideo Kojima, Kojima Productions

“It was my first time in Scandinavia, and I got to enjoy it attending this great conference of gamers, artists, programmers and educators from across the globe. It was a fantastic experience to be under the same roof with such talented people and being able to inspire the next generation of game developers. I was happy and honored that my matte painting talk resonated with so many people at the event in the great city of Malmö. Thank you for the memories!”
– David Luong, Blizzard

“Nordic Game did a great job of creating a congenial and collegial environment for reconnecting with my Nordic region peers, and meeting new ones.”
– Heather Kelley

“Nordic Game was a real treat, and I was so psyched by the audience’s warmth, enthusiasm and willingness to grapple with new and experimental ideas concerning games, play and culture. I am so thankful for the lovely hospitality and excellent conference programming!”
– Sarah Brin

“Nordic Game is one of the best run conferences I’ve ever attended, both as a speaker and an attendee. The conference is very well staffed and everyone is very helpful and polite. Tons of great talks, giveaways and events throughout the conference. And Malmo is such a beautiful city. It was really enjoyable to discover how vibrant and diverse the Nordic game dev scene is. I look forward to my next visit.”
– Yacine Salmi, Salmi Games

“A cool conference in a very nice and friendly atmosphere. Great location, superb organisation and fantastic crowds and sessions.”
– Alen Ladavac, Croteam

“A fantastic event with worldwide industry leaders where it’s easy to network and share knowledge. Definitely recommended.”
– Gregory Louden

“Nordic Game offers the best event to meet high level representatives in the Scandinavian development community within a tight and relaxed environment. I always come away with new learning and an enhanced contact list of stimulating people.”
– Nick Parker, Parker Consulting

“It was an amazing experience. It was my first time at Nordic and the organisation was awesome, there were a lot of interesting people to network with and the audience was also very interested in the topic. I really appreciate the invite to be a speaker and I hope that someday I can come back!”
– Sabrina Carmona, King

“It was an honor to have the opportunity to talk at NG16 and be surrounded by some of the greatest minds in the industry.”
– Alexander Bergendahl, Poppermost Productions

“Nordic Game is by far the best organised conference I’ve been to.”
– David Hayward, YMPT

“Nordic Game is a must go to event.”
– Steve Lindsay, Ixty

“Enjoyed the Nordic Game conference a lot this year. Well-organised with lots of interesting participants with diverse backgrounds and company sizes. Plus plenty of networking opportunities and fun to boot. I’d like to thank all of the conference organisers for the amazing conference!”
– Elena Lobova, iLogos

“This was the first time I’d come to Nordic Game, and it was a wonderful experience. There was a great mix of speakers from many different areas within games, and talks included everything from broad overviews to the really detailed nitty-gritty of how games get made. Malmö made a wonderful setting for it. The conference’s schedule of events other than talks, and the thoughtful layout of the space, meant that there was always something to do or play or someone to talk to – but there was also a great, friendly town to head out into for an hour or two if you wanted a break from games.”
– Holly Gramazio

“This year I have had the pleasure of participating in the best game developers’ conference – Nordic Game. These guys really know how to take it to the next level in terms of organisation, content, and most importantly – they do things in their own very unique style. Nordic is by far the coolest conference in the business. Crazy, interesting and fun. Thanks a lot for another great experience!”
– Yinon K. (Mojo Kid)

NG17 audience


“The Nordic Game conference offers a friendly and relaxed atmosphere; a perfect foundation to meet talented developers from all over the world. I am amazed by all the creativity and product quality I have seen at the event.”
– Patrick Rose, Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe

“I really enjoyed Nordic Game! I get to reconnect with so many of my friends, discover cool games (“Triple Agent” was especially amazing) and meet a lot of nice people! I’m looking forward to participating again!”
– Nicklas Nygren, Nifflas Games

“It’s not only the inspiring talks by Ste Curran, for example, or the interactive workshops with Shirley Lin that make this conference so valuable, but also the very own open minded vibe which is created by the participants and fostered by the organisers themselves.”
– Rebecca Lautner,

“Thank you for this amazing conference! These were very interesting days, full of emotions, new information, interesting meetings and parties 😉 Everything was great!”
– Vera Karpova, Devtodev

“Thank you for the opportunity to speak at Nordic Game – it was a great venue, audience and very helpful staff. An incredibly professional and well-organised event!”
– Philip Oliver, Radiant Worlds

“Nordic Game is one of the biggest but still cosy conferences I have attended to far.”
– Malena Klaus, usTwo

“My first time at Nordic Game and I have to say that I was absolutely impressed by the professionalism and passion with which that event has been organised. And I’ve been to many game conferences around Europe. For example, for the first time ever I’ve participated in a sitting dinner for so many people! 🙂 You guys make video game developers look and feel like rock stars and that is what attracts so many people. I wish you best of luck in your future endeavors and I hope to visit you also next year. Keep up the good work.”
– Stan Just, CD Projekt

“Nordic Game is one of the best events in the game industry calendar and a must for anyone in Europe; it’s always wonderful to catch up with the incredible talent in the Scandinavian scene and take in the brilliant talks on offer during the main event, not to mention the lovely surroundings of Malmö.”
– Ben Andac, Sony

“Nordic Game is a thoughtfully planned event with something for everyone. There are interesting talks that cover a diverse range of topics, many cool games shown by regional developers and easy to access business facilities. To add to all of that, it’s in a great city run by great people.”
– Kevin Carthew, Team 17

“Ed and I had an amazing time at Nordic Game. We had a very engaged audience which made the trip worth it alone. The event itself was really well presented and we felt the NG staff and other guests helped us feel most welcome. Looking forward to returning next year!”
– Ben Kidd, Curiscope

“The most laid back and hairy games conference of the calendar, Nordic Game is a must if you want to get the lowdown from the most innovative region of world game development.”
– Jon Jordan, Accidental Gizmo

NG18 Gala Dinner


“Nordic Game has struck a perfect balance between being a really big conference while still feeling rather open and friendly to everyone, no matter what company or studio one represented. A lot of insights, knowledge-sharing, great new people to meet and nice wine in the evening!”
– Sasha Makarovych, Massive Entertainment

“Nordic Game was an extraordinary event. It was well-planned and executed, the attendees were remarkably engaged, the content was useful and inspiring, and I was able to establish new relationships with wonderful colleagues.”
– John Watson, Stoic Studio

“Nordic Game brings together the best talent from across the whole region for three days of fantastic talks, fun demos, and of course plenty of networking and business opportunities. Unlike other conferences, it really is focused on games and creativity. It was a thoroughly enjoyable few days in Malmö, and we are already looking forward to next year.”
– James Kaye

“It’s pretty clear that with Nordic Game conference, the area’s industry has really transcended humble beginnings to become a force in the industry.”
– Jon Kimmich

“Thumbs up for NGC 2018, the right place to meet the dynamic Scandinavian game development community!”
– Pascal Luban

“The conference was brilliant. It is a big achievement to put together an event that manages to be at the same time professionally powerful and feels like family. I am glad I could be part of it.”
– Antonia Koop, Kite-Rider

“The Nordic Game conference is always the highlight of the year for me. It is an internationally renowned conference for its excellent organisation and value in terms of lectures, exhibitors and networking, yet it always feels like a gathering of friends. I cannot express the honour to share the lessons I learned as a game developer as a speaker at Nordic Game. The energy and inspiration I bring back home after Nordic Game every year is truly invaluable.”
– Laura Bularca, Valiant Studio

“I highly recommend the Nordic Game conference for anyone in the industry looking to establish new connections. As an American-based publisher, the event introduced us to many fantastic developers who we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. Last year we established a partnership with Frozenbyte and will be publishing “Trine 4″, all thanks to Nordic Game.”
– Shane Bierwith, Maximum Games

Of Bird and Cage, NG19


“Nordic Game is my favourite conference in Europe as it has such a great atmosphere, setting and variety of attendees. If you were not there this year, make sure you are there next year!”
– Bobby Wertheim, SEGA

“I had a great time at the conference. I really enjoyed the sessions I got to see!”
– Warren Spector, Otherside Entertainment

“Nordic Game gives us the opportunity to meet with a group of developers we don’t find many other opportunities to meet with in the US. Scandinavia has an amazing game developer constituency, and we just wouldn’t get to meet with these people at our usual US-based events.”
– Andrew Vaughan, Dolby

“Nordic is the yearly ‘must-go-to’ event in order to keep in touch with every developer in Europe and find out what’s happening in this area of the world.”
– Nicolae Berbece, Those Awesome Guys

“What a cosy, yet vibrant event this is!”
– David Verbruggen, Ingames

“Nordic Game sums up the entire attitude to game development in this part of the world; open, friendly and incisive. It’s one of the most relaxed places you can go to have meaningful conversations and pickup on cutting edge ideas in games.”
– Rich Metson, Semaeopus

“I had a great time at Nordic, the event was very well organised and efficient.”
– Chris Perrella, Insomniac Games

”Many interesting games were exhibiting, great amount of local developers who rarely attend any other trade shows apart from Gamescom. Great fit for finding games – the whole reason we expanded our sponsorships of conferences in the first place. I would absolutely recommend anyone to attend Nordic and sponsor events there. It is one of the highest performing trade shows for us in terms of numbers.”
– Aiman Seksembaeva, Xsolla

NG20 dates

About the Nordic Game conference
Nordic Game is the leading games conference in Europe, and 2020 marks its seventeenth edition. Gathering thousands of industry professionals in Malmö annually, Nordic Game is the one and only “home turf” meeting place for the highly successful game developers of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

This year Nordic Game is organising two events in Malmö, Sweden: NG20 on 27-29 May and NG20+ on 25-27 November. Learn more and register right here!

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