Safety and Good Conduct

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Welcome to the twenty-first edition of Nordic Game, Europe’s leading games conference and the only event in the world with a dedicated focus on the entire Nordic games industry.

Our commitment to safety and good conduct at Nordic Game

Providing a safe environment for all is essential to us as organisers of the Nordic Game conference. We have zero tolerance for violations of our Code of Conduct, at home or abroad. Having actively promoted the values of inclusivity and mutual respect for many years, we also hold ourselves to high standards with regards to the conduct of our staff and participants.

A few months ago, we learned of disturbing allegations of sexual harassment by Nordic Game staff. We immediately acknowledged this, enforced restrictions on these staff members, started investigating the allegations and reached out to those in contact with the alleged victims. We also consulted closely with industry organisations and associations in the region on the important steps required by us to vigorously address the allegations, as well as to ensure the future well-being and peace of mind of our industry colleagues, partners and participants.

Update: Erik Robertson has posted further important updates on his work to investigate and address these issues, here and here.

Anyone witnessing or experiencing behaviour contrary to our Code of Conduct at a Nordic Game event and/or by Nordic Game staff can report misconduct safely and anonymously on our whistle-blower platform, administered by an independent law firm that we have no other business with, at This platform can also be used by anyone previously hesitant to come forward.

Workplace behaviour and appropriate conduct will also be addressed in a special program at our conference on 17-20 May, led by the Nordic trade associations and several regional NGOs. The intent, following our own experience in confronting allegations of unacceptable behaviour by members of our staff, is to strengthen awareness and provide guidance to other businesses and organisations in our industry.

In terms of the ongoing process to address the allegations of inappropriate conduct by our staff, we have reached out to the alleged victims through their trusted intermediaries, searched for other evidence of wrongdoing and continue to consult with industry colleagues as well as independent legal counsel to determine our best course of action going forward.

We reiterate in the strongest and most definitive of terms, that we as organisers of the Nordic Game conference will not tolerate ANY violations of our Code of Conduct, by staff or participants, at home or abroad, which is reinforced in our staff on-boarding and continuous training.

If you witness something inappropriate or feel yourself threatened, uncomfortable or harassed in any way, report it to our independent whistle-blower channel. Your safety and peace of mind are of paramount importance to us.

Truly yours,
Erik Robertson

Managing Director
Nordic Game Resources AB

NG22 Spring

About the Nordic Game conference
Nordic Game is the leading games conference in Europe, and 2022 will mark its twenty-first and twenty-second editions, as well as our return to historic Slagthuset. Gathering thousands of industry professionals in the spring and autumn each year, Nordic Game is the one and only “home turf” meeting place for the highly successful game developers of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

Nordic Game welcomes you on 17-20 May to Slagthuset in Malmö for NG22 Spring, both online and in the venue, as well as next November.

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