Huddle Up! The Making of [SPOILER] from INSIDE

Unreal Theatre
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In Playdead’s INSIDE, “the Huddle” aka “the blob” as dubbed by players, is the character form taken in the conclusive chapter of the game. It was a big task during production and one with much uncertainty. It took several years and several people to get it right, but not as a calculated effort. Over the years “the Huddle” was being created, a third of the company worked on, or rather jammed on the character. Everyone involved added their own expertise, as a sort of “hive-mind making hive-mind”. In this talk, the Playdead team on INSIDE will peel back the layers they wove together, exposing dynamic arms imposed on a sack of physics bodies, moved by physics and animation as one, and glued together by shading. By going through the details of the creative process, they’ll show how an unstable, decentralised collaboration led to an unexpectedly whole, albeit chaotic, “alive” creature. Moderated by Lasse Jon Fuglsang Pedersen.

Creation In-depth Keynote