Abraham Lieberman

CEO, Clicks Talent

Brooklyn-born AB Lieberman cultivated ambition in Israel and founded Clicks Talent, an influencer marketing agency leveraging platforms like TikTok. Achieving 10 million USD in ARR within five years and collaborating with renowned brands, he represents 100+ creators. Residing in Israel, he anticipates moving to Amsterdam and cherishes family life and LA trips.

Learn more about Clicks Talent at www.clickstalent.com.

About Abraham's sessions:

The Top Secrets Of TikTok Marketing That No One Will Tell You


  My speech comprises three engaging sections: exploring TikTok’s paid landscape for investment and growth opportunities, understanding success measurement and ROI, and selecting the ideal agency, marketing, or PR team. This comprehensive narrative equips listeners with essential insights, empowering them for their TikTok pursuits and inspiring success.

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