Adrian Comeau

Writer/Comm. Mgr., Easy Trigger Games

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My name is Adrian Comeau. I am a writer for Easy Trigger Games (as well as community manager). I write for video games, TV, web and print. In addition to writing, I am also an artist, actor and SEO specialist.

Learn more about Easy Trigger Games at easytrigger.com.

About Adrian's Sessions

Life Peaked in the 80s: Why Iconic 80s Action Films Are Still Influencing the Greatest Games


  Huntdown is an ode to everything that was great about the 80s; the era of arcades, legendary action films and questionable haircuts. This talk will highlight how we created a successful title which takes advantage of modern technology, while holding onto the nostalgia at the heart of the game.

Development In-depth NG21 RECORDED 26 MAY Production