Alex Nichiporchik

CEO, TinyBuild

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Alex Nichiporchik was born in Latvia and bounces between the US and the Netherlands. His games industry career started in 2002 at the age of 14 when he dropped out of high school to become a pro-gamer. He worked as a games journalist, marketeer and game producer across casual games and web games before starting TinyBuild in 2013.

Learn more about TinyBuild at www.tinybuild.com.

About Alex's Sessions

The Art of Misdirection: Hello Guest Demo Case Study


  In Jan 2020, TinyBuild released Hello Guest – a playable prototype for brand new stealth horror gameplay. Fans kept guessing who was the creepy bird-like creature chasing them in the open world. Little did they know that they were play-testing the machine-learning AI of Hello Neighbor 2, teaching algorithms to hunt other players better. […]

In-depth NG21 RECORDED 27 MAY Production