Alex Peterson

Dev. Relations Engineer, Amazon Lumberyard

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Alex Peterson has been developing games since the 1990s, and is passionate about procedural graphics and multiplayer. He has been making games with Amazon Lumberyard since before it was publicly released. In his role as developer relations engineer, he has the privilege of helping game developers worldwide build games with Lumberyard.

Learn more about Amazon Lumberyard at aws.amazon.com/lumberyard.

About Alex's Sessions

Amazon Lumberyard: Saving Time and Effort with Slices

Room Stockholm

  Building scalable content is time-consuming, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Find out how Amazon Lumberyard simplifies the process with cascading prefabs, or what we call “slices”. Using our new sample project called “Starter Game”, we’ll create interactive gameplay elements and structures in real time – tasks that one engineer can achieve […]

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