Alexey Izvalov

Developer Relations, FGL

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Alexey works with developer relations at FGL, a community of game developers. He has reviewed 1500+ games for colleagues, providing them with useful advice on how to help their titles succeed. He’s been involved with indie game development since 2010, releasing 30 web and mobile games and receiving 15 awards. He’s also participated in Ludum Dares twice, landing in the “Innovation Top 100” both times. Alexey’s current project is a mobile civilisation sim, with 150K installs to date for the alpha version. He’s also organises Global Game Jam Ukraine.

Learn more about FGL at fgl.com.

About Alexey's Sessions

You Might Make a Game for Yourself, But You Won’t Be Alone

Room Reykjavik

  This talk analyses “success and failure” stories from the 45,000 member FGL game development community, in particular examining the experiences of developers that created very original game concepts, were passionate about their gameplay ideas and found players who shared their passion, becoming their games’ community cores. This session also considers game promotion, as well […]

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