Allison Bilas

COO, GameAnalytics

Allison is the COO at GameAnalytics, a leading analytics platform that enables studios to make better decisions backed by data. With over a decade of experience, Allison has led high-performing teams at PopCap/EA, Amazon/AWS and MovieStarPlanet. Her expertise lies in delivering valuable insights that help game studios build better businesses.

Learn more about GameAnalytics at gameanalytics.com.

About Allison's sessions:

Reviving the Casual Market: Lessons from the Past and Opportunities for the Future


  This talk explores the changing landscape of mobile gaming as the advertising-only business model declines. Attendees will learn how to leverage the revival of the casual category to thrive and succeed. We’ll examine KPIs, dive into lessons from the past and opportunities for the future. Presented by GameAnalytics

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