Anders Holmquist

CTO, Sharkmob

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Born on the harsh and feral fields of Southern Sweden, Anders is the CTO of Sharkmob and currently busy launching the vampire battle royale Vampire the Masquerade – Bloodhunt. Before Sharkmob, Anders was the technical director of Tom Clancy’s The Division as well as the Snowdrop engine at Ubisoft.

Learn more about Sharkmob at www.sharkmob.com.

About Anders' sessions:

Two Anti-Cheats and 6000 Cheaters in Six Months

The Vet's Chamber

  During our Bloodhunt early access period, we banned 6000 cheaters, but also faced community concerns from the use of an uncommon, internal anti-cheat. In this talk we’ll cover: What our approach to cheating was. How we fixed the exploits we saw, with examples. Why we in the end switched to Easy Anti-Cheat. Presented by […]

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