Angie Smets

Executive Producer, Guerrilla Games

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Angie is executive producer and part of the management team at Guerrilla. Since joining the studio in 2003, she has produced multiple games in Guerrilla’s celebrated FPS franchise Killzone. Most recently, Angie shipped Guerrilla’s first venture into the action-RPG genre, Horizon Zero Dawn, to widespread popular and critical acclaim.

Learn more about Guerrilla Games at www.guerrilla-games.com.

About Angie's Sessions

Horizon Zero Dawn: A Studio’s Perspective

Unreal Theatre

  Angie will reflect on the seven-year journey that took Guerrilla from a dark first-person shooter franchise to the lush open world of Horizon Zero Dawn. Using early concepts and prototypes, she will illustrate the studio’s creative process, cover its biggest challenges and share lessons learned from developing new IP.

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