Ari Arnbjörnsson

Unreal Engine Evangelist, Epic Games

Ari Arnbjörnsson is an Unreal Engine evangelist at Epic Games. He has 15 years of varied games industry experience ranging from social, web and mobile games to console games. His latest work before joining Epic Games was as a lead programmer on Housemarque’s BAFTA-winning Returnal for PlayStation 5.

Learn more about Epic Games/Unreal Engine at www.unrealengine.com.

About Ari's sessions:

Advanced Debugging in Unreal Engine


  Are you tired of relying on the same old PrintString for bug hunting? Boring! It’s time to level up your Unreal Engine debugging skills! Join Unreal Engine evangelist Ari Arnbjörnsson for a wild ride through advanced techniques and tools that will make bugs quake in their boots!

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