Ben Kidd

Co-Founder/Creative Director, Curiscope

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Ben is Curiscope’s co-founder and creative director, tasked with making sure that Curiscope’s products can make just about any topic powerfully playful and immersive. His constant scientific vigilance and fascination with just about everything makes him the perfect man for the job. Ben has an award-winning background in CGI animation in advertising and marketing, and has now turned is powers of persuasion from selling products to selling curiosity.

Learn more about Curiscope at www.curiscope.com.

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About Ben's Sessions

The Power of VR to Spark Mass Curiosity in the Real World

Room Copenhagen

  Curiscope will share insight into how they are using VR to globally inspire curiosity and fascination for learning. This powerful new approach is set to change the way we think about education and gaming forever. Curiscope is a fast-growing company built upon the foundations of making a positive change in society, though inspiring people […]

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