Brie Code

Founder & CEO, TRU LUV

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Brie Code is the founder and CEO of TRU LUV, a Toronto-based company healing in relationship with technology. TRU LUV’s technology amplifies compassion and co-creation to transform ourselves, our collectives, and interactive technology in mutual symbiosis. TRU LUV’s first experimental app, #SelfCare, has reached over four million downloads with no advertising.

Learn more about TRU LUV at truluv.ai.

About Brie's Sessions

Healing in Relationship with Technology


  TRU LUV’s entirely new model for interactivity naturally amplifies compassion and co-creation as a refreshing alternative to gamification. We’ve also developed new models for co-creation where our work emerges organically from generative shared rituals. Our personal and collective transformation directly becomes our technology. We might change the internet.

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