Brooke Maggs

Sr. Narrative Designer, Remedy Ent.

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Brooke is an award-winning narrative designer who has worked on indie darlings such as The Gardens Between (The Voxel Agents), Florence (Mountains) and Paperbark (Paper House). She moved from Australia to Finland to work with Remedy Entertainment on Control, their latest multi-award-winning game.

Learn more about Remedy Entertainment at www.remedygames.com.

About Brooke's Sessions

Weirder than Usual: Narrative Designing the Motel Sequences in Control


  This talk will dive into the world-building and narrative development process at Remedy Entertainment. It will focus on the “Oceanview Motel and Casino”, a transient area that reoccurs throughout the game Control. The talk will cover the evolution of the motel sequences, from idea to final experience.

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