Chris Remo

Designer/Composer, Campo Santo

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Chris Remo is a game designer, writer and composer. His game credits include Firewatch, Gone Home and The Cave, across studios such as Campo Santo, Double Fine and Irrational Games. He also co-hosts and produces a number of podcasts with the Idle Thumbs Network.

Learn more about Campo Santo at www.camposanto.com.

About Chris' Sessions

Same Game, Different Music

Unreal Theatre

  Several leading music composers for games show their different creations for the same client request, then discuss the differences in their approaches and the final results. Moderated by Arnold Nesis.

Creation Inspiring Media Panel

Firewatch: Creating a Reactive Story

Unreal Theatre

  The first-person narrative adventure Firewatch doesn’t have traditional puzzles or challenge mechanics, but its world and characters had to feel reactive and alive nonetheless. Designer and composer Chris Remo will explore how the team at Campo Santo made limited development resources punch above their weight in telling an interactive story.

Creation In-depth