Christoffer Elfving

Global Key Acct. Mgr., Dreamhack

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Christoffer works with partnerships at DreamHack, helping with everything from activities at expos to strategic and production issues related to clients’ projects. He is a former professional Counter-Strike player, as well as six years in gaming retail and five years in sales at MTG (current owner of ESL and DreamHack).

Learn more about Dreamhack at dreamhack.com.

About Christoffer's Sessions

Esports and Gaming Festivals for Devs and Publishers

Room Oslo

  DreamHack is the largest gaming lifestyle festival in the world, with fifteen events in nine countries and over 350,000 visitors globally. In this talk, Christoffer will discuss how game developers and publishers can use gaming activities and esports to increase engagement and create a closer connection with their communities. Hosted by Philip Skogsberg. Organised […]

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