Christoffer Holmgård

CEO & Co-Founder, Modl.ai

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Christoffer Holmgård is a co-founder and the CEO of Modl.ai. Before starting the company, Christoffer was director of the indie game studio Die Gute Fabrik and did extensive research as an assistant professor in AI and Machine Learning for Games at Northeastern University.

Learn more about Modl.ai at modl.ai.

About Christoffer's Sessions

Dishwashers in Every Game Kitchen Now! Benefits of Automated Play-Testing


  Learn more about how to accelerate creative development through automatic game testing, bots and deep telemetry. Christoffer shows examples of systems using AI bots and player data for testing and evaluating game content before and after release.

Business Development Inspiring Production

Frontiers in AI and Machine Learning for Game Development


  How will AI and machine learning revolutionise the way video games are made and played? Advances in player modeling, procedural content generation, and bot control are rapidly expanding game developers’ options in the creation process and the final player experience. Join us for a tour of the newest AI and ML methods used in […]

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