David Skarin

First Lady, The Bearded Ladies

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Started out programming the Vic 20 in my basement like many others of my generation, and never let it go. From arranging demo-parties and writing graphics engines to designing Hitman games, I have spent the most of 20 years in or around the industry. Now back with my old crew (with a few new faces) at The Bearded Ladies, as a programmer and game director of a childhood dream project.

Learn more about The Bearded Ladies at www.thebeardedladiesconsulting.com.

About David's Sessions

Unboxing Unreal 4 for Six

Unreal Theatre

  In this talk, we will take a look at how The Bearded Ladies (a small Malmö-based studio) has approached an ambitious (yet unannounced) project in Unreal 4. The talk will aim to both inspire and help new teams avoid some common pitfalls. We will look at real examples of how we have solved some […]

Creation In-depth