David Smith

Managing Director, Interactive Selection

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David Smith is one of Europe’s leading recruiters and diversity advocates. After 20 years with Interactive Selection, he was awarded an honorary fellowship by the UK’s Institute of Recruitment Professionals, one of only 20 to receive this honour in an industry of 100,000. David is also the founder of the Women in Games (WIGJ), a non-profit organisation that works to recruit more women into games, and BAME in Games, an advocacy group that exists to encourage more diverse talent to work in games.

Learn more about Interactive Selection at interactiveselection.com.

About David's Sessions

Getting Ahead: Advice on Games Industry Careers

Room Stockholm

  It can be difficult to get in to the games industry, and the hit-or-miss and project-based nature of games means that it can be a challenge to follow a single career pathway. Chaired by one of Europe’s leading recruiters and diversity advocates, this panel will look at jobs and careers in games, with first-hand […]

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