Douglas Holmquist

Composer/Sound Designer, Holmquist Tonalitet

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I’ve been working in the music/sound design field since 2007, mainly with the film production company Varelsen making commercials, music videos, short films and more. Been in game-related audio since 2011, when I started working with Mediocre, mostly known for Smash Hit, Pin Out and Does not Commute.

Learn more about Holmquist Tonalitet at www.tonalitet.com.

About Douglas' Sessions

DevSession AUDIO DESIGN: Music as Sound Design/Sound Design as Music

Room Oslo

  In this session, I will start things off by talking briefly about the intersection between music and sound design; with a few examples of my own, a few from other games. Hopefully we will then get a discussion going, about the boundaries of music/sound design, job roles, creativity and more. Organised by:

Development DevSession Game Habitat Inspiring