Edo Fouilloux

CTO, PatchXR

Edo Fouilloux, an XR maker connecting games, art and music, has launched four VR works since 2015, showcased at Art Basel, Abbey Road, IRCAM, nGDC and Red Bull Music Academy. Co-founder and CTO of the award-winning PatchXR, he drives the development of PatchWorld creative tools, enabling global visual music co-creation.

Learn more about PatchXR at patchxr.com.

About Edo's sessions:

Jamming with Friends in an XR-Built World of Happy Accidents


  Follow Edo’s XR journey as it evolves from a VR Lego-Piano project for self-therapy into a multiplayer music world-building platform. Discover the impact of XR and UGC on creative collaboration, and witness the powerful synergy between game technologies and music by going from scratch to music jam in minutes.

Development Inspiring LIVE Production