Elie Abraham

Audio Designer/Composer/VA, Ian & Elie

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Elie Abraham is a composer, sound designer, voice actor and unyielding game jammer. Elie is known for speed-making music and holds the world record for number of games sound-tracked at a single game jam. Outside of video game audio, Elie designs escape rooms, DJs and is a stand-up comedian.

Learn more about Ian & Elie at ianandelie.com.

About Elie's Sessions

NG19 Wrap-Up

Unreal Theatre

  Composer, sound designer, voice actor and unyielding game jammer Elie Abraham is joined by GamesIndustry.biz journalist Haydn Taylor and special guests as they celebrate the highlights of NG19 and wrap-up this year’s show.

Event Inspiring

Ditch Toxic Systems So We Can Finally Love Video Game Romance

Room Reykjavik

  This talk explores the presentation of love in video games. While many of us seek romance in games, they often do not consider those most marginalised in society (intersectionality), do not reflect our lived experiences, and set harmful, toxic expectations – ultimately harming players. This talk will identify and critique the ways specific systems […]

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