Elie Abraham

Mx., Ian & Elie

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Elie Abraham is a composer, sound designer, voice actor and unyielding game jammer. Elie is known for speed-making music and holds the world record for number of games sound-tracked at a single game jam. Outside of video game audio, Elie designs escape rooms, DJs and is a stand-up comedian.

Learn more about Ian & Elie at ianandelie.com.

About Elie's Sessions

Get In & Get Out: How to Design an Escape Room

Room Torshavn

  Escape rooms have been trending in the past few years, but their roots are in escape-the-room genre games of the past few decades. “Get In & Get Out” describes how to design an escape and challenges participants to take a scene from a game and turn it into an escape.

Creation Inspiring

2018 Nordic Game Awards

Unreal Theatre

  The Nordic Game Awards is organised by the Nordic Game Institute in cooperation with Nordic Game Resources and the Nordic Game event team. 8 categories = 8 winners. This year’s host is Elie Abraham. Learn more about the 2018 Nordic Game Awards and all the nominated games here.