Erik Robertson

Managing Partner, Nordic Game Ventures

Veteran entrepreneur and gamer, my first successful start-up to exit was in computer peripherals at the end of the last millennium.

In 2004, created and raised 12 million EUR to fund and then contracted to run the six-year long Nordic Game Program, a part of the official Nordic cultural co-operation between Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

Additionally, I’ve founded and financed local and national games industry trade associations, the European Games Developer Federation (EGDF), as well as local entrepreneur and start-up support organisations.

Degrees from Lund University and published internationally in the field of entrepreneurship research. No doctorate in sight at the moment though. But my original game development studio has received several EU research and innovation grants. And Nordic Game Resources, the company that I founded and lead as managing director, organises Nordic Game, Europe’s largest conference for game developers, among many other events.

And now my first VC fund, Nordic Game Ventures I, started investing in January 2020. I’m having fun!

Learn more about Nordic Game Ventures at nordicgameventures.com.

About Erik's sessions:

Welcome to NG23 Spring


  Nordic Game managing director Erik Robertson, program director Jacob Riis and community specialist Emmi Hattunen take the stage at Slagthuset to welcome audiences online and in Malmö to the spring edition of Nordic Game 2023.

Event LIVE

Code of Conduct: What Else Is Needed?

The Vet's Chamber

  Opening up the terms code of conduct, anti-harassment policy and safer space principles and how they go together. Describing the needed processes for handling violations.

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