Eylul Ozekes

Marketing & Community Mgr., Sarepta Studio

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Eylul Ozekes is the marketing and community manager of Sarepta Studio since 2018. Eylul’s main passion is bringing psychological frameworks into digital community management practices – and sharing her knowledge on community psychology and marketing management with as many people as she can in the process.

Learn more about Sarepta Studio at sareptastudio.com.

About Eylul's Sessions

How Communities Convert into Sales – My Child Lebensborn


  In this talk you will learn about the monetary value of community building, using Norwegian indie game developer Sarepta Studio’s recent success on TikTok with BAFTA-winner My Child Lebensborn – a story-driven mobile game based on real history. The Champions of Mobile program is presented by App Annie, Niantic and Scopely.

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