Forest Swartout Large

Sr. Producer, IO Interactive

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Forest Swartout Large is a senior producer at IO-Interactive. Prior to Hitman, Forest worked as producer on the first photo-real fur renderer, five titles in the Tomb Raider franchise, LIMBO for iOS, Inside and the first Unity title on Xbox One. She has worked in production for over twenty years.

Learn more about IO Interactive at www.ioi.dk.

About Forest's Sessions

Hitman: Player Freedom Meets Hand-Crafted Design

Room Copenhagen

  A roundtable design talk with the directors and design leads of Hitman, including senior producer Forest Swartout Large, gameplay director Torbjørn Vinther Christensen, lead sound designer Jonas Breum Jensen and lead game designer Andreas Philip Krogh. Topics will include our systemic design approach, best practices for stealth and social stealth and how we overcome […]

Development Inspiring Panel