Geoffrey Zatkin

Studio Director, Extra Credits

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Geoffrey Zatkin is a game designer, industry executive and serial entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in the video games industry. One of the original designers of EverQuest, co-founder of game data giant EEDAR and game development studio Experiment 7, Geoffrey is also Extra Credit’s resident ne’er-do-well and studio director.

Learn more about Extra Credits at www.extracredits.site.

About Geoffrey's Sessions

Extra Credits Special Hour


  Three talks from the team at Extra Credits: “10 Things You Should Decide Before Starting Your Game” with Geoffrey Zatkin, “Managing a Remote Creative Studio” with Matthew Krol and “Making Your Game Succeed in the Streaming Space” with Will Kunkel. 10 Things You Should Decide Before Starting Your Game: Veteran game designer Geoffrey Zatkin […]

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