Ilari Kuittinen

CEO, Housemarque

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Ilari Kuittinen is co-founder and CEO of Housemarque. He has been managing this award-winning Finnish game studio for over 20 years. Ilari co-founded Housemarque with Harri Tikkanen in 1995, and since then has been in charge of running the company as a business as well as an independent game studio. Housemarque has created several critically acclaimed hits, including “Nordic GotY” winner Resogun, Super Stardust HD, Outland and Dead Nation.

Learn more about Housemarque at www.housemarque.com.

About Ilari's Sessions

Adaptation, Opportunities and Survival: Volume 2

Room Stockholm

  In 2007, Ilari spoke at Nordic Game about difficulties of being an independent game studio in “Adaptation, Opportunities and Survival: The Life of a Game Development Studio”. Ten years later, Ilari revisits some of the themes of that talk and hard-earned lessons learned. Though the past decade has mostly been a successful time for […]

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