Isaque Sanches

Founder, Notagamestudio

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Isaque Sanches is a technical game designer with a versatile background (art-house, entertainment, serious gaming/PC, VR, mobile). He’s the founder of Notagamestudio and the co-founder of A Ludoteca. He’s an experimentalist at heart, a hobbyist creator of non-ludic interactive art and a game jam enthusiast.

Learn more about Notagamestudio at notagamestudio.com.

About Isaque's Sessions

The Case Against Visual Fidelity


  In this talk, we will explore four reasons why the video game industry’s obsession with high visual fidelity is actually detrimental to itself, financially and creatively. We will look at several problems caused by the current demand, and propose solutions to circumvent them.

Inspiring Production RECORDED