Jakob Johansson

CEO, Gleechi

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Jakob is CEO of Gleechi, the company behind the award-winning software solution VirtualGrasp. During the latest two years, Gleechi has focused on enabling natural hand interaction in VR, with customers ranging from hospitals to world-leading game developers. Jakob has several years of experience from working with digital entertainment and has been called one of Sweden’s smartest young entrepreneurs. He is also organiser of the Nordic region’s largest VR community and co-organiser of the European VR meet-up VREUR.

Learn more about Gleechi at gleechi.com.

About Jakob's Sessions

Five Rules for Hands in VR

Room Reykjavik

  Hand interaction has become crucial in VR. However, hands are very complex and difficult to work with. In this session, Jakob will share his “five rules” garnered from over two years of intense work with optimising hand interaction in VR and based on existing research, large amounts of user testing and a lots of […]

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