James Shannon

Senior Sound Consultant, Dolby

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James Shannon has been a senior sound consultant for Dolby since 2008. He works on theatrical and home content, providing the mastering and support for sound mixing and international film premieres. James has worked on over 160 films, such as Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.

Learn more about Dolby at www.dolby.com.

About James' Sessions

Take Game Audio to New Heights with Dolby Atmos (Part I)

Room Reykjavik

  Studio design and mixing: James Shannon has worked on Dolby Atmos post production, exhibition and installation since the format was first created. He will speak about what it takes to set your studio up for Dolby Atmos and share his experience on what makes a successful Dolby Atmos mix (two-part session). Curated by

Creation Dolby In-depth Media