Jamie Jackson

Co-Founder/Creative Dir., SlingShot Cartel

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A highly creative visionary, who can turn his hand to any challenge and produce award winning results. Founding SlingShot Cartel was always about being able to make innovative games the way they should be made, with the best people and latest tools and tech. The culture of SlingShot Cartel speaks to the success of this goal with Jamie’s creative vision and direction being at the forefront of everything that we make. As creative director, he is able to get the very best out of any team to deliver on his creative vision, whether on a film set, in the mo-cap studio, the art style or in the recording studio. Creatively he spans hand-drawn, 3D, music, film, animation and all other aspects of game development, applying intense attention to detail resulting in AAA quality every time. Jamie has worked with multi-million dollar budgets over his 17 years in the industry, being heavily involved in all the marketing and PR needs of each game. His first titles produced were the hugely successful Colin McRae Rally 2 & 3. He then went on to found FreeStyleGames, the critically acclaimed, award-winning studio behind “BBoy” in the Buzz! Junior series and studio’s crowning glories, DJ Hero and Guitar Hero Live.

Learn more about SlingShot Cartel at www.slingshotcartel.com.

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