Jan Sederlöf

Creative Director, Reaktor

Creative director at Reaktor Creative, a creative studio inside a globally recognized tech consultancy Reaktor. Jan has over a decade of experience in brand building and advertising, with multiple awards and war stories to back it up. His work includes the latest hit campaign for Merge Mansion starring Pedro Pascal.

Learn more about Reaktor at www.reaktor.com.

About Jan's sessions:

The Value of Creativity and Brand in an Industry Hell-Bent on UA: Case Merge Mansion


  Merge Mansion is a mobile game with over 40 million players and a cult-like Internet following. Behind its success is a storyline riddled with family drama, a ton of knives and secretive Grandma Ursula. This session uncovers how this recipe for success was leveraged in its latest campaign featuring Pedro Pascal. Presented by Reaktor

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