Jean Stead

Professor Emerita, E. Tenn. State Univ.

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Jean Garner Stead is a professor emerita of sustainable strategic management at East Tennessee State University. She published the award-winning first book in the field of management on sustainability in 1992, follwed bt the first book on sustainability and strategic management.

Learn more about East Tennessee State University at www.etsu.edu.

About Jean's Sessions

Sustainability and Gaming: At the Crossroads


  This talk will explore the relationship between the games industry and sustainability, proposing that the industry is at a crossroads. Should the industry continue business as usual, or should it become an agent of change for a sustainable world? Does the industry have a moral responsibility to future generations?

Business Impact Inspiring NG21 RECORDED 26 MAY

Sustainable Strategic Management


  This is a series of five videos describing the process of integrating sustainability into the strategic management process. The lecture series follows the chapters in the book, Sustainable Strategic Management.

Business In-depth PRERECORDED NG21 MAY