Jeffrey Hilbert

Founder, Starting Point Games

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Jeff Hilbert is one the top business executives in the game industry. Recently recognised by Bloomberg Business Week for his work in the gaming space, he has helped secure over US$850 million for project-based game funding and tools development. He is also credited with founding DDM, which he built into the world’s largest agency in the video games space. In late 2015 Jeff sold DDM, remaining as board member and active advisor. Most recently he founded Starting Point Games, to focus on increasing the enterprise value of studios though capital investment, project funding and strategic relationships. Jeff also acts as advisor to and/or officer of the following companies: First Strike Games (founder and CBO), Whitemoon Dreams (advisor to the CEO and CBO), Gondola (board advisor) and Ferox (board advisor).

Learn more about Starting Point Games at www.startingpointgames.com.

About Jeffrey's Sessions

It’s Still Possible to Start a AAA Studio

Room Copenhagen

  I have been raising funds for game development projects for over 20 years. In this presentation, I will go over the key factors in companies that are able to bring their projects from concept to delivery. We will also walk through the example of First Strike Games; founded by three people around a kitchen […]

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