Jesper Juul

Theorist, Royal Danish Academy

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Jesper Juul is a video game theorist, author of four books on video games, most recently “Handmade Pixels” on the history of indie games. He has worked as a programmer and designer, and taught at MIT, NYU and KADK in Copenhagen.

Learn more about the Royal Danish Academy at royaldanishacademy.com.

About Jesper's Sessions

Which Indie Are you? Three Indie Strategies for Designing and Marketing Authentic Games


  Can video games be authentic? Through a history of indie festivals from 1998 to 2021, I show concrete strategies for making “authentic” games. These strategies go beyond design and marketing; they concern how your game fits in the world, and how it will stand out as an independent game.

Business Development Intense NG21 RECORDED 27 MAY Production