John Gaudiosi

President , Moonrock Agency

John Gaudiosi spent 25 years as a journalist covering both the consumer and business side of the video games industry. He’s spent the past eight years working directly with game makers and brands to market their products to millennials and Gen Z gamers through Greenlit Content and the Moonrock Agency.

Learn more about the Moonrock Agency at www.moonrockagency.com.

About John's sessions:

Starbreeze: A Conversation with Tobias Sjögren and John Gaudiosi


  An in-depth conversation with the leader of Starbreeze, which will explore the ups and downs at the video game publisher over recent years as well as the upcoming launch of Payday 3.

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Google Cloud: Helping Developers To Create Exceptional Player Experiences


  Director of game industry solutions at Google Cloud, Jack Buser has built numerous game platforms at Google and Sony PlayStation, bringing joy and excitement to millions of players all over the planet. In a conversation with veteran industry journalist John Gaudiosi, Jack will shares his thoughts on how Google Cloud helps game developers create […]

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