Jon Kimmich

CEO, Software Illuminati

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At Microsoft, Jon was instrumental in the acquisition of franchises for MGS including Bungie’s Halo and FASA’s Battletech. Since 2009, Jon has been a consultant/advisor to game developers, publishers and service providers. He is an active investor outside of the video games sector and editor of the The Crowdfunding Bible.

Learn more about Software Illuminati at www.software-illuminati.com.

About Jon's Sessions

Take My Money, Please! Tales from Buying Games & Studios for Xbox

Unreal Theatre

  During his time with Microsoft Games Studios as a product planner, Jon Kimmich helped acquire many of the foundational and award-winning titles in the Xbox portfolio, including Crimson Skies, MechAssault, Rise of Nations, Dungeon Siege, Halo and Bungie Studios, among others. During this talk Jon will take you through the process publishers, investors and […]

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