Joris Dormans

Gameplay Engineer, Ludomotion

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Joris Dormans is an indie game developer whose main interests are emergent gameplay and procedural content generation. After getting a PhD in these areas, he worked on several games putting the latest academic theories into practice. His current roguelike game Unexplored is critically acclaimed for having one of the best level generators in the genre.

Learn more about Ludomotion at www.ludomotion.com.

About Joris' Sessions

Five Procedural Generation Strategies I Abandoned

Room Reykjavik

  Ludomotion recently released Unexplored on Steam. The game is an action roguelike that is has been very well received, and features a procedural level generator that produces levels that almost feel handcrafted. This quality has not gone unnoticed, mentioned by players and professional reviewers alike. In this talk, I will share my experience in […]

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