Julie Heyde

#ChickenBitch, VRUnicorns

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Julie Heyde is based in Copenhagen and grew up playing video games with her two older brothers. They called it “baby-sitting”. Julie has been in the video game industry for a decade. She started on the investment-side, then as a connector between game developers, publishers and technology developers through her company, Bandello. Julie is an active game jammer, one of the organisers of Shayla Games and is currently working on RagnorokVR and VRUnicorns together with a group of European game jammers.

Learn more about VRUnicorns at www.vrunicorns.com.

About Julie's Sessions

How to Be a Unicorn

Room Stockholm

  We’ll teach you exactly what you need to know to be as cool as we (VRUnicorns) are – and a few more “side-tricks” that may come in handy in the indie game jamming scene. Moderated by Julie Heyde.

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