Kate Edwards

CEO, Geogrify

Kate Edwards is an award-winning industry veteran and geographer, and the CEO of Geogrify, a consultancy which innovated game culturalization, and the CXO and co-founder of SetJetters, a film tourism app. She is also the former executive director of the International Game Developers Association and Global Game Jam.

Learn more about Geogrify at www.geogrify.com.

About Kate's Sessions

Key Learnings from Exec Summit on Company Culture and Inclusivity

The Vet's Chamber

  The Executive Summit is a gathering of games industry leaders that takes place right before Nordic Game. One topic for this year was company culture and inclusivity. Exec Summit host Kate Edwards opens the Conduct Sessions by sharing the most important learnings from the summit.

Business Conduct Sessions In-depth RECORDED LIVE

Building Communities: A Stepping Stone for Emerging Game Dev Regions

The Vet's Chamber

  A well-built game dev hub is the cornerstone of technological and social progress of our industry. We invite you to join our “fireside chat” tackling the ABCs of community building and management in the emerging regions of the games industry. Kate Edwards and Catalin Butnariu will discuss how we can better support the needs […]

Business Inspiring Production

Nordic Game Executive Summit Report

The Vet's Chamber

  A group of participant’s from Tuesday’s Nordic Game Executive Summit will report on their discussions and conclusions. Moderated by Kate Edwards.

Business Inspiring Panel

Games as a Force to Protect Local Cultures


  Games can be a powerful medium to raise awareness about the importance of protecting cultural heritage. This session addresses the topic and also presents Purunmachu, winner of Global Game Jam’s Cultural Heritage Game Jam 2021, a game confronting the issue of the ongoing looting of ancient civilizations in Peru. Moderated by Kate Edwards.

Development Impact Inspiring Panel