KooPee Hiltunen

Director, Neogames

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KooPee Hiltunen is the director of Neogames Finland Association, Finnish hub of game business, research and education. KooPee has been working in digital media industry since the beginning of the 90s and especially with games since 2004. He is also the spokesperson of Finnish Game Developers Association.

Learn more about Neogames at neogames.fi.

About KooPee's sessions:

Welcome – Conduct Sessions: Dealing with (Misconduct) Sexual Harassment and Changing the Culture that Allows it

The Vet's Chamber

  Code of conduct, importance of processes, greeting KooPee Hiltunen, Neogames Finland. Question for KooPee: You did a games industry code of conduct in Finland pretty early, year(s) before many others. How did you end up doing that? Welcome by Per Strömbäck, Swedish Games Industry and Taina Myöhänen, We in Games Finland.

Business Conduct Sessions In-depth RECORDED LIVE