Kristoffer Benjaminsson

CTO, Fast Travel Games

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Creative technologist with a passion for solving challenges with technology. Joined the games industry in 2006, and has over the past decade at EA DICE and Frostbite contributed to a multitude of AAA titles and held senior technical leadership positions before co-founding Fast Travel Games where he is CTO.

Learn more about Fast Travel Games at www.fasttravelgames.com.

About Kristoffer's Sessions

How to Get Your Game Running on Oculus Quest

Room Reykjavik

  This talk will cover lessons learned when porting the PC version of Apex Construct to Oculus Quest. It will cover changes made to game assets such as models and shaders as well as Unity Editor extensions and frameworks created to reach the necessary performance without sacrificing gameplay or immersion. Hosted by Julius Fondem.

Development Fast Track In-depth