Lars Håhus

Head of Studio, Relax Gaming

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Head of game studio at Relax Gaming since 2016, where I’ve spent the winter in Malmö, Sweden recruiting a team and setting-up shop. Our main mission is to create new and thrilling slot game experiences for web and mobile. I come from the “art” side of the games industry, and co-founded indie game start-up Shortfuse Games back in 2007. With a passion for agile leadership, I then took on the position of studio manager at Paradox.

My current role at Relax Gaming is my first step into the gambling realm, and it’s been a great journey so far!

Learn more about Relax Gaming at relax-gaming.com.

About Lars' Sessions

New Frontiers for Games

Room Stockholm

  Game development skills and technologies can be used for other things than games: education, health, transmedia, altered reality, competitive sports, gambling and more – all are waiting to be conquered. What are the opportunities? Where do you start? What are the challenges? Moderated by Christian Fonnesbech.

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