Laura Bularca

Independent Developer

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Laura is a former games journalist who switched sides in 2009, doing senior producer/game director jobs for teams such as FunLABS/Activision, Milestone and SimBin. She is currently a production coach at Gothia Innovation by day and an independent game developer by night, creating an optimistic strategy game called Heart. Papers. Border..

Learn more about Laura Bularca at www.laurabularca.com.

About Laura's Sessions

The Art of Avoiding Feature Creep

Room Reykjavik

  “Feature creep” is when new and exciting features “creep” into an otherwise well thought-out game development plan. They take extra time and can impact the focus of your current design, but they can seem “too cool” to postpone. Sometimes “creepy” features seem necessary, like when observing your competitors and realising that a game sells […]

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