Maarten de Koning

Partner/EVP BD, DDM

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Maarten de Koning has over 13 years of experience in executive, entrepreneurial and advisory positions in the games industry, with a strong background in investment management. As partner and EVP BD at DDM (Digital Development Management), he oversees all agency business development, as well as the expansion of and consultation with DDM’s clients in Europe and Asia.

Learn more about DDM (Digital Development Management) at www.ddmagency.com.

About Maarten's Sessions

The Subtle Art of Doing a Publishing Deal

Room Oslo

  Two developers, an agent and a lawyer share their experiences to make the process of talking to publishers clearer for developers. Get a better understanding of the dynamics between studios and publishers, how a deal comes together and what happens when agreement drafts go back and forth. Moderated by Malte Behrmann. Sponsored by:

Business Games & the Law In-depth Panel

A Fresh Take on the Ever-Changing Role of a Publisher

Unreal Theatre

  This panel will provide a fresh take on the ever-changing role of a publisher, the rise of strategic funds and the increasing independence of game developers, as well as what it takes to get your original IP funded and published. Moderated by Maarten de Koning.

Business In-depth Panel